Scholarship Conference

Big news!! I recently found out that I had been awarded a scholarship that I had forgotten I had applied for. Wahoo! It’s like finding $20 in your pocket, but instead it’s worth $5000! Not too shabby.

Details: the scholarship is officially called the Wil Conard Scholarship for Fashion Marketing that is awarded through the ITAA by Regent’s University. Along with the scholarship, I am invited to attend the 2014 ITAA Annual Conference which this year is held in Charlotte, North Carolina. So basically I get a free weekend trip. Also not too shabby. My 15 minutes of fame will include my name being called and receiving a certificate but really that’s all I need (what if I trip!!). I’m looking forward to all the great networking opportunities and the Dean of the School of Fashion and Design at Regent’s will be there so that will be cool meeting her and getting my questions answered.

Hopefully the weather is a lot nicer in NC than it will be in MI this weekend. The only bummer is that I will be missing the Fall 2014 new member class’s Initiation back at AXiD. Which kind of sucks but at least I will have one more initiation next year!!

74 days till takeoff…



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