2 weeks to go…

I am a notorious procrastinator. I keep telling myself that I still have two weeks but I know they will fly by. Right now, I really don’t think I have that much left to do. But I know that I will start to think of a ton of things when there are only a few days left!! So far, I have all the logistics figure out, i.e. plane ticket, passport, acceptance letter though I am still trying to gather things that I might want while I’m abroad. Most of that list honestly includes clothes though I still need to figure out which kind of adapter/converter I need. Which is hopelessly confusing and all the websites I read have contradicting information. Still have to figure this one out!

I realized that in my absence from blogging why I really had started this blog. I read and re-read a ton of blogs, websites and travel books but still had questions. My objective was, and still is, to answer the questions that I had while trying to plan my trip. Hopefully I will be able to do that! Now I’m not saying my way will be the right way, but so far its working for me. For example, almost every blog I read said to buy things such as shampoo, conditioner and the like once you get there. I am planning on buying them new here while I’m still home because I know they won’t make the trip back. Therefore, I won’t have to save as much space in my luggage for souvenirs because I already know I won’t be bringing them back! Same goes for my pair of brown riding boots that I’ve had forever. I seriously won’t be surprised if the sole falls off after only 3 weeks of walking around London.

Another big question about studying abroad is what type of luggage to bring. Initially, I thought it would be a good idea to just bring one huge suitcase and not bother paying for a second one. After unwrapping a suitcase that I could basically fit in for Christmas, I decided this probably wasn’t the best idea. Yeah, I wouldn’t have to pay for a second suitcase, but there was no way I could keep the one under the 50 lb limit. So my mom and I made the trek back to Macy’s and exchanged the big one for two smaller cases. I settled for purple while my mom got black. I will still bring both, but once back in the States the purple will remain mine while the black goes back to my parents. With two, the $80 extra won’t go to waste and I won’t have to worry so much about staying under the weight limit.

Some unsettling things about my program: I don’t find out my roommate or which hall I am living in until I arrive. Which is nerve-wracking. But also part of the experience!!

Sorry this was so wordy, 15 days until takeoff!

xoxo, please comment and like!


2 thoughts on “2 weeks to go…

  1. Hi Emily! Packing for me was also a huge struggle but compared to my roommates I definitely underpacked (1 checked bag 50lbs, 1 carry on, and 1 backpack) so don’t feel bad about packing a lot 😉 Let me know if you have any questions! Even though I might not be able to answer since I’ve only been here a week so far anyways!


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