Bring On The Mess


So you know how in my last post I said I was a huge procrastinator? I guess not. I’ve started packing! *cue applause* I originally hadn’t wanted to start packing until maybe 3-4 days before because I tend to wear a lot of clothes. Which will prove to be a problem while I’m packing. Though I can always use the excuse that I’m a fashion major so I just NEED a LOT of clothes! Also, one of my many (see: few) talents is overpacking. Like a lot. I’m the kind of girl that will bring 5 different outfit options for a 2 day trip. Honestly, packing will probably one of the hardest things about my study abroad trip.

When I was Pinterest-ing different study abroad packing lists, most of the ones I could find were for trips that were much shorter than my will be. Also, while the “how to pack 14 days worth of outfits in a  carryon” posts are helpful, I will not be bringing just a carry on and will be abroad for much longer than 14 days. So I’m kind of winging this. Also, London’s weather varies so much, I have to be prepared! Again, keep in mind I love to overpack and will find excuses to do so.

So far, I’m trying to only pack things that I know I won’t wear over the next 2 weeks. I am prepared for my room to be a mess and have clothes all over the place. A while ago, I did start writing out a packing list and so far I’ve been sticking with it. Now let me tell you, my packing lists are extremely detailed. I stand in front of my closet and write things like “mint 3/4 sleeve cable knit sweater”. I just can’t forget anything ok!? I can’t just write 3-4 sweaters because then I have to pick which ones! And I am not good at making those kinds of decisions!

But for your sake, I am going to shorten my list because how do you know which mint 3/4 sleeve cable knit sweater I have?

Packing List

The Bags

2 25″ suitcases (to be checked)

1 pretty big backpack (carry on)

My Longchamp (folded and pack in the bottom of my backpack)

The Documents


Flight Itinerary

1 Debit Card

1 Credit Card

Insurance card (my study abroad program fee came with worldwide medical insurance that had its own card)

Drivers License

Regent’s acceptance letter

Copies of all these documents

The Clothing

*Disclaimer: Like I said, I am very good at overpacking. I am especially good at overpacking when where I am going has the up-and-down weather of London. And you never know when you’re going to make a spontaneous trip to somewhere where you might need shorts!

*Another disclaimer: I hate pants. I will always rather wear a dress/skirt with tights than jeans or even leggings. This list is all based on my personal style choices and is definitely not what everybody should/needs to bring. You probably should bring a lot less. Lol

2-3 pairs of jeans (two varying dark washes, one black pair)

1 pair burgundy cords

2 pairs of leggings

3-4 tshirts (white, black, stripes etc)

3-4 button downs (ginghams, white, plaid)

2-3 camis (black, white, nude)

4-5 sweaters (most that can be layered over button downs)

4-5 cardigans (white oversized, brown, black, navy, & plum)

2 party dresses

3 everyday dresses

1 nice dress

5-6 skirts (can be dressed up for clubs or dressed down for sight-seeing)

1 school sweatshirt (gotta show that WMU pride)

Lots of underwear and socks


Black fleece

Taupe trench coat

Jean jacket

The Shoes

3 (oops) pairs of flats (black, nude, brown)

2 pairs of brown boots (riding & short)

1 pair of Nikes

1 pair short black heeled boots

1 pair of flip-flops (for the showers)

The Toiletries


Face wash/soap




Make-up/make-up remover

Lots of chapsticks

Razors/nail clippers/nail file

Hair ties/bobby pins/combs

The Electronics





All kinds of chargers

Adaptor/converter (still figuring this out)

The Necessities/Accessories


Pillowcase (I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep on the pillows provided)

Laundry bag


4 months worth of medications


One Line a Day” journal (a present from a friend who studied abroad last year. so sweet!)

Most of my necklaces/bracelets

Black over the shoulder purse

Small first aid-kit

Pens/pencils/other school supplies

My sewing supplies (I don’t know which modules I’m in yet so I don’t know if I’ll need my stuff but better to be prepared!)
Empty water bottle

When it comes to packing, I find using a mixture of the rolling method and the bundling method works best for me. Basically, I layer a couple t-shirts (or whatever article of clothing) on top of each other, fold the pile in half, and roll it all together in a tight little burrito. I also try to put two different levels in my suitcase before using the straps that most suitcases have to squish it all down. In the mesh pocket thats usually on the back of the flap, I put my shoes, underwear and socks.

When it gets closer to take-off, I’ll write what I’ll pack in my carryon backpack and how to travel on a 7 hour flight with class.

ohmigosh you guys! It’s coming up so fast!

xoxo, please comment and like!


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