One of the best things so far about study abroad (which isn’t saying much because I’m not actually in London yet) has been all the shopping I’ve needed to do.And I love shopping! I don’t care what kind of shopping at all so all this preparing is perfect for me. In reality, there are very few things that I needed to buy. Most of them were things that I know I will want overseas rather than things that I know I will need.

I recently went to Target to finish up my shopping list. Leaving Target with exactly what you came there for is actually impossible so of course I left with  a few more items than I needed. I also stopped at DSW for a new pair of nude flats. My old ones died after an unfortunate incident on Halloween involving a puddle and a steep driveway. That’s all the details you need, trust me.

shopping1. My mom insisted that I get some kind of over the shoulder bag. I was just planning on using my old Longchamp but she kept bugging my about getting a different one. I am so extremely annoyingly picky when it comes to bags so I was grateful when I found this one at Target. A good smallish size, it has enough room for my wallet, an umbrella, and anything else I might need to carry around with me.

2. Like I said, my last pair of nude flats met their watery demise so I knew I would be needing new ones. These from DSW are pretty simple and classic and will get the job done. I have really bad knees that will get extremely painful after walking long days through the city, so I always have to add some kind of inserts to my shoes. These and these work best for me.

3. This is possibly the smallest umbrella I’ve ever seen. About 9″ long and no more than a 2 1/2″ circumference,  it is the perfect size to take up as little space in the bottom of your bag as possible. London weather is so unpredictable you basically need something to protect you from the rain at all times. So I’m pretty glad I won’t be hauling around some whopping umbrella.

I just realized that I forgot to include two more items in my picture. The extra items that I walked out of Target with; this bathing suit top and this mascara.

Did I need this bathing suit? No. Did I convince myself that I need this bathing suit? You betcha. You never know when you’re going to jet away to Greece for the weekend!

I’ve been looking for a new lengthening mascara for a while, ever since Rimmel London cancelled my fav. I usually use two mascaras, layering a volumizing formula with a lengthening one. So far, I LOVE this mascara. It separates lashes flawlessly and adds so much length. Also, I’m pretty partial to the black and pink packaging. So cute!


10 days people! I’m bursting with excitement!
xoxo, please comment, like, and follow!



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