Two Weeks Left

IMG_2712Today marks only two more weeks left in London. While I am feeling incredibly sad about leaving this beautiful city behind, I am excited to move onto my next adventure.

Things have been wrapping up pretty quickly. This past week or so I’ve been absolutely swamped finishing up classes. How is it that I’ve had nothing all term and then all of a sudden I have a million and one things to do? Every time, I’m telling ya. Being so stressed out leaves me to binge shop which means my money pool, once so full of promise and opportunity, is becoming more and more pathetic. Oh well! I have lots to bring home with me to remind myself of these months.

For anybody that doesn’t know, I’ve accepted an internship in New York City this summer. While I am super excited to spend the summer (probably) working 7 days a week (sarcasm) I am grateful for how much I will learn in this new position. That also means I only have about 10 days home before packing up and moving again. It hit me the other day that I’ll probably never be home in Chicago for any substantial amount of time again. If I had known that when I was home for 6 weeks over Christmas, I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time watching Netflix.

As anxious as I am to get home, I’m trying to not think about all that too much. I want to spend these last two weeks enjoying myself in London. There are still things I want to check off my list.

Really, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happy with my time spent here and I’m happy in the direction my life seems to be moving.




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