Kensington Palace


So I’m finally down to my last week before I head back to the states. It’s about the weirdest feeling in the world. I feel like I’ve been here forever but I also remembering stepping off the plane in London like it was yesterday. What’s that all about?!I finished up classes Thursday. With my remaining week I want to do all the tourist things that I haven’t done yet. Today, I started with touring Kensington Palace. I’ve wanted to go here since the beginning when I found they had a exhibit with royal dresses from Elizabeth’s Coronation to Diana’s death. Sounded about perfect for me. And it was! There was a good junk of Princess Margarets most famous looks as well. Since she was not going to be Queen, she was much more free to wear whatever she pleased. All the gowns were absolutely stunning.

There were three other exhibits other than Fashion Rules. The King’s State Apartments were created George I & II and were used as the center of their courts during the 18th century.

The Queen’s State Apartments are apart of the oldest part of the palace. They were created for Queen Mary II who ruled together with her husband, King William III. They were who originally bought Kensington Palace and were the first royals to reside there.

And lastly, Victoria Revealed. Queen Victoria grew up in Kensington Palace and continued to live there after her Uncle died and she inherited the throne. The exhibit was littered with accounts taken from her personal diary and also the letters her and her husband, Prince Albert, has exchanged while engaged and living in different countries. It was all very romantic and you could really hear the affection they had for each other.

Kensington Palace also had incredible gardens, so I had to snap a few pics before leaving. I’ve never met a garden I didn’t like. Also, I’m pretty sure just about everything in this city is more photogenic than I am.





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