Kew Gardens

Kew72One of the things that I’ve been waiting to do is go to Kew Gardens. I didn’t really know what they were, other than I wanted to go. As far as I knew, it was a massive botanical garden with plants from all over the world. And that’s mainly right! There are a ton of greenhouses with different themes and plants and its all set on a massive piece of land that also has outdoor gardens, ponds, groundskeeper cabins, you name it. SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. I wanted to wait until this last week so the weather would be nice and everything would be in full bloom. Unfortunately, the biggest greenhouse is under refurbishment until 2016. Not a huge problem though because there were so many other things to see. I was there for hours, just wandering around and sitting on benches and reading. I also had a great time pretending to be a nature photographer. Please enjoy the following 70+ photos of flowers.






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